Patch Messaging Display Full Status Messages

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This mod will expand the truncated status messages in the messenger under Buddy List. Works in 1.2, but forgot to check line numbers, so search based on context.

Step 1: Make yourself root.

sudo -i

Step 2: Unlock file system

mount -o remount,rw /

Step 3: Open /usr/palm/applications/

vi /usr/palm/applications/

Step 4: Go to line 167


Should be

.buddy-list .palm-row {
    height: 60px;

Step 5: Replace

height: 60px;


height: auto;

Step 6: Open /usr/palm/applications/

vi /usr/palm/applications/

Step 7: Go to line 11


should be

<div class="truncating-text custom-message">#{-customMessage}</div>

Step 8: Replace

<div class="truncating-text custom-message">#{-customMessage}</div>


<div class="custom-message">#{-customMessage}</div>


Not quite sure why but sometimes in the buddies view the group names are shifted over to the right. Had this issue on both 1.1 and 1.2. See image below for example:


Submitted by Atlanta (Another precentral user also helped me with research)