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It is possible to place applications in alternate locations (eg /media/internal) and symlink them to the appropriate application folder (eg /usr/palm/applications or /var/usr/palm/applications).

symlink creation from the command-line

ln -s [application directory] [symbolic link to directory]

For example:

ln -s /media/internal/apps/ /var/usr/palm/applications/

symlink deletion from the command-line

rm [link]

For example:

rm /var/usr/palm/applications/

This will only delete the link, not the symlinked files.


An app with an internal symlink will not be able to be stored in /media/internal at this time, since it is a vfat filesystem.


The same effect can be had by modifying /etc/palm/luna.conf by appending the **ApplicationPath** with the new location.

For example:



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