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[https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log | https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log]
https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log | https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log

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Jets Self-inflicted Wipe Crash

There are two possible causes, one more probable than the other. Draw your own conclusions, I can't really say for sure what happened, but I can tell you this: I nolonger access the live palm db from a nagger script. The most likely crashbug, I think, is calendar related...

calendar crashed luna?

  • I accidentally added a ridiculously large calendar, work related
  • It was 8 minutes into the sync and my battery was 180F
  • I removed the account, but it kept syncing and didn't remove well
  • I then removed it again, again and again
  • it was still syncing
  • I did a ctrl-sym-r soft reboot
  • it rebooted and seemed to act normal, but check the logs for calendar errors...

nagger crashed luna?

  • you can see luna errors relating to having the db locked when it wanted to use it
  • but it seems to recover...
  • did it?


  • search for SIGSEVG
  • search for corrupt

https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log | https://voltar.org/my_evil_crash.log