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Linux Tutorial - Irssi

This Documents Assumes the following

You have followed the procedure to Access Linux on the device and have enabled the Optware repositories and software

You have installed the Terminal application

Once these procedures are done you should have access to:

The Optware software repositories through ipkg-opt

The Terminal Application through the WebOS (should load, be the root user, and function)


Within the Terminal application use the following command:

ipkg-opt install screen irssi

This command will automatically download GNU Screen and irssi as well as any necessary dependencies.

Note: GNU Screen is *not* necessary for irssi to function, it only provides further functionality to be able to close the Terminal application if desired, keep irssi running in the background and reattach to it. Also, I have found that running irssi within a screen session gives irssi shows all its various colors while running natively within the terminal app leaves it mono-colored.


In order to run irssi you simply need to type irssi into the Terminal application at the shell prompt and once hitting enter(return) it will load.

However this is NOT RECOMMENDED as by default the Terminal Application is loaded as the root user and you should avoid using internet facing applications as the root user if it is not necessary (some IRC networks such as EFnet will go as far as to instantly disconnect you if it detects you are connecting to their servers as root).

Once the Terminal Application is opened you may change to the user you set up when completing the steps to Access Linux via the su command


root@castle:/var/home/root# su myuser

from here you can simply enter irssi and hit return and it shall load.

Working with GNU/Screen

Basic Commands

/connect ircserver

This will connect you to an irc network ex: /connect will connect you to the freenode network.

/join #channel

This will join the requested channel, ex: /join #webos-internals

Sym+n Will move to the 'next' window within the irssi interface Sym+p Will move you to the 'previous' window within the irssi interface

You can directly jump to a window (numbered in irssi) by hitting Orange Key+Space+Number (or if you exceed 10 windows for 1-9 the next 10 windows are handled by the q through p keys)


Known Issues

Even with Screen running you can lose connection if the wifi radio turns off when the screen does, see <link for fixing that>