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* [[HamachiVPN|HamachiVPN]]  
* [[HamachiVPN|HamachiVPN]]  
* [[How To Use "ls" In Color|How To Use "ls" In Color]]  
* [[How To Use "ls" In Color|How To Use "ls" In Color]]  
* [[Linux Tutorial Irssi|Linux Tutorial Irssi]]
* [[Lighttpd|Lighttpd ]]  
* [[Lighttpd|Lighttpd ]]  
* [[OpenVPN for Palm Pre|OpenVPN for Palm Pre]]  
* [[OpenVPN for Palm Pre|OpenVPN for Palm Pre]]  

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Warning: This page needs to be reorganized still.
The Pre runs a very standard Linux on a commonly available processor. Very soon after access was achieved to the Linux, the Optware team made the entire catalog of Optware packages available on the pre.

More about the Optware project here: Optware Packages.

You can view a list of available packages here: List of Packages.

The community has been busy porting other applications to the Pre. Some of those are listed, and have pages for them below.

Application Tutorials

Follow the Accessing Linux Article First

Want to write a tutorial and Add it?

Just name the tutorial with

"Tutorials Linux " + name

Ex: Tutorials_Linux_Getting_Started
(spaces are the same thing as underscores)

Policies about adding Applications

Your application can be any progress (Completed/Beta/Design Phase), just make sure you have a temporary name. For example if your application is called "Testing This":

<source lang="text">

This is a short description, leave screenshots and other details for the application page.


Place this under the All Linux Application Portal, and the category it goes under (for instance "Games" if it is a game). You can always change the applications name just make sure it is not taken and let us know on the Admin Changes page so we can delete the old application page (so others can use it).