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*Hi Rod,
I noticed in your Pre Central profile that you're in Adelaide (we're in Sydney)
We just bought a Pre Plus but didn't realise the French phone had an AZERTY keyboard.  Trying to swap for a UK version but not having much luck sourcing an outright Pre Plus at this early stage.
I have no idea about the programming you mention in your PreCentral forum thread to change it to a QWERTY set up. Just wondering if you know anyone here in Sydney or can I send the phone to you in Adelaide? 
It'd be great to hear from you.
Jose (jhiquiana@trivett.com.au or 0401 713 340)
**Hello Jose,
I have a Palm Pre Plus with an AZERTY keybord. If you want to switch from AZERTY to QWERTY keyboard, you must use [http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Application:MetaDoctor MetaDoctor].
In the MetaDoctor [http://git.webos-internals.org/?p=tools/meta-doctor.git;a=blob;f=Makefile Makefile] there is an option CHANGE_KEYBOARD_TYPE to do it :
#CHANGE_KEYBOARD_TYPE permanently changes the keyboard layout using
#the manufacturing software token area.  You only need to do this
#once.  Future uses of the webOS Doctor without this feature enabled
#will not change the setting.  You can use this feature again in the
#future at any time to reverse this change.
#Uncomment the corresponding line below to enable this feature.
#('z' means QWERTY, 'y' means QWERTZ, 'w1' means AZERTY).
[[User:Yannick56|Yannick56]] 17:40, 01 June 2010 (GMT+2)
*Hi Rod,
Is there any chance you could give us any updates on BlueZ and whether it'll support HID? Hope you're doing fantastic.
No updates.  Palm is supposed to be adding Serial protocol support soon.
-- Rod

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