Adding Disks to the Emulator

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Enabling Virtual Disk Support for the Emulator In Order to Setup Optware

Many developers wish to maintain their emulator with the same software as their actual device. In order to install the Optware package manager on your emulator, you will need to allocate a virtual disk for additional storage.

  1. Run VirtualBox (the underlying virtualisation software which runs the Pre Emulator). Ensure that the emulator to which you wish to add storage is in the "Powered Off" state.
  2. Goto "File" -> "Virtual Media Manager" (or Ctrl+D).
  3. Click or select "New" and press "Next."
  4. Choose whether you want a fixed- or dynamic-sized virtual disk then hit "Next."
  5. Click the small folder icon next to the virtual disk's name to choose where the virtual drive will exist. This is important if one of your physical disks is low on space but you have ample space on another.
  6. Choose the size of the virtual disk using the slider keeping in mind an out-of-the-box Pre itself has < 8gb free and give due consideration as to how much space your intentions may require.
  7. When you click "Finish" the creation may take some time depending on the size of the virtual disk you created.
  8. When everything is complete just click "OK."
  9. Back in VirtualBox, select the emulator to which you wish to add the virtual drive and either click the "Settings" icon, hit Ctrl+S, or click through to "Machine" -> "Settings."
  10. In the navigation panel on the left, choose "Hard Disks."
  11. Press "Insert" or click the icon with the green plus sign to add an attachment.
  12. Make sure under "Slot" the selection reads "Primary Slave" and under "Hard Disk" you point to the virtual disk you created in the steps above.
  13. Hit "OK," startup your emulator, and setup Optware!