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DOOM! - Version: Alpha 1.1.2
(1 Jan 2010)


Tux as Zombie.png



DOOM! for the Palm Pre is distributed under the ID Software License, which allows for non-commercial use only.

Operating notes

Tap the screen or hit "Sym" to shoot.

H - forward at slow speed

Y - left

B - right

G - forward at fast speed

SPACE - open doors

COMMA - strafe right

ORANGE + # - Change weapon. 1 - fist, 2 - pistol, 3 - shotgun, 4 - chaingun (havent gotten other weapons yet but should be the same concept)

ENTER - display last message (picked up Medikit, etc)

ORANGE + = : Zoom In

ORANGE + - : Zoom Out

- = siderun right?

. = sidestep right

Back Gesture - Brings up in-game menu (Save, Load, Options, etc...)

G + H - Move up and down in the menu, enter to select

(feel free to add to this list)

If you want to edit the key bindings the .doomrc file is located here:



  • Editing the key bindings works for everything but back and strafe left, that is, left strafe always goes turboright strafe and back always goes turbo forwards

Known bugs

Installing Doom


  • Preware


  1. Install Preware and the Package Manager.
  2. next install DOOM using PreWare. Launch Preware, search for DOOM and click Install.

Play DOOM! using the keys above, when done exit the game in the normal way.


DOOM! is housed in the games/sdldoom git repository at

For commit permission to the open source project, contact rwhitby on #webos-internals or email []