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X Window System Server

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OpenOffice on the Pre

Keyboard Support

Keys modified by SYM behave similarly to pressing Option or Shift in webOS: Press SYM once, then the key to get the equivalent, or double-press SYM to go into SYM-lock mode, and press it again to leave. Note that there is no visual confirmation for the state of any modifier keys.

Key What you press
Control Gesture Area
"\" (backslash) sym+q
HOME Key sym+e
UP Key sym+r
DOWN key sym+c
LEFT Key sym+d
RIGHT Key sym+g
"[" sym+y
"]" sym+u
"<" sym+i
">" sym+o
"|" Pipe sym+p
"~" sym+s
"`" (backtick) sym+l ("L")
"|" Pipe shift+.
Escape shift+space
Tab Control-i

Right Click support

Install libgtkstylus

apt-get install libgtkstylus

Set it to launch at boot.

cd ~
nano .bashrc

Insert the line:


Press Gesture-X, confirm that you want to save. Once inside the desktop environment, hold-tap for right click.

Known Issues/TODO

  • xrdb (Xdefaults, etc, support)
  • xinitrc support
  • (maybe?) rotation support
  • "sticky" modiifiers