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Unconfirmed, but I guess that contact links are store in




It looks like the the table com_palm_pim_Person (in PalmDatabase.db3) has a field contactCount which is the number of contacts that are linked. (For entries just on the phone it is 1.) The linked contacts are then in the com_palm_pim_Contact table. (Connected by the field id in _Person and com_palm_pim_Person_id.) (Thanks stephen-wood)

I attempted using these two files to backup and restore my contact links. After doing this contacts seemed to link but were not accessible. I then rebooted hoping that this would firm things up or just re-synch the contacts, but unfortunately it seems to have corrupted the contacts app completely. i can no longer see any accounts in the preferences and i'm also unable to add any new accounts. just a word of warning for anyone else looking into this - --phwelo 18:12, 25 November 2009 (UTC)