Extracting the PDK on Linux

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  • wget
  • p7zip-full


First we need to get the PDK: wget http://cdn.downloads.qa.palm.com/sdkdownloads/PDK/PalmPDK.exe

Now we need to extract it: 7z PalmPDK.exe

This puts stuff all over the place. It also uses some filenames that are annoying to handle on linux. Here are some things I've found that are useful:

  • $_OUTDIR/Albacore/castle: extra lib installers for the pre
  • $_OUTDIR/Albacore/pixie: extra lib installers for the pixi
  • $_OUTDIR/Native-SDK/castle: dev apps for the pre
  • $_OUTDIR/Native-SDK/pixie: dev apps for the pixie
  • device/lib: .so files for the pre and pixie
  • $_OUTDIR/include: headers for SDL, GLES, GLESv2, and PDL