Installing novaterm on ubuntu 64-bit

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1. Download the Novacom (i386) package from:

2. run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture palm-novacom_0.3-svn177284-hud9_i386.deb 

3. now you can run:


More setup notes for 64-bit ubuntu users

Get a standard 64-bit virtualbox build from here: (I used 2.2.4 AMD64 for Intrepid)

When you get the palm-sdk deb file, use the same --force-architecture flag to install it:

1. (must be logged in)

2. 'Download now'

3. Have your browser save the .deb file to disk

4. sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i palm_mojo_sdk-Ubuntu-1.1.0-sdk62-hud25_i386.deb

5. Note that the installed package name is 'palm-sdk'. For example, to get a list of all installed files: dpkg -L palm-sdk