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Brief Description

  • The Palm Development Kit (SDK) is a free download from Palm
  • Komodo Edit is a free cross-platform editor from ActiveState
  • There is a Komodo webOS Add-on from Austin (IRC, twitter Templarian) to assist the Palm Pre development in this environment to make things easier.
  • The Komodo WebOS Add-on features:
    • Quick Project Generation
      • Komodo Folder Pre Add.png New Project
      • Komodo Page White Add.png New Scene
    • One Click Deploy
      • Komodo Box Add.png Package, Install, Launch to Emulator
      • Komodo Box Magnifier.png Package, Install, Inspect in Emulator
      • Komodo Box Delete.png Remove Application from Emulator
      • Komodo Box Go.png Launch Application in the Emulator
      • Komodo Box Cancel.png Close Application in the Emulator
      • Komodo Pre Add.png Package, Install, Launch to Device
      • Komodo Pre Delete.png Remove Application from the Device
      • Komodo Pre Go.png Launch Application on the Device
      • Komodo Pre Cancel.png Close application on the Device
    • Komodo Script Gear.png Integrated JSLint with line and character jump!
    • Komodo Cog Go.png Quick Commands for even more features like "log" or "ssh"
    • Komodo Keyboard.png Editable Key Bindings for all important views and commands.
    • Komodo Clipboard.png ToDo List
    • GUI Application Options
      • Komodo Page White Text Edit.png Edit Information with quick one click reversion. (appinfo.json)
      • Komodo Cog 20.png One click change of log settings. (framework_config.json)
    • Sorting of .ipk files into debug and release builds.
    • Other
      • Over 100 icons including animated processing icons.
      • Constantly updating with extended features.
      • Extends Komodo macros for more specific functionality.
      • Work side-by-side non webOS Projects.
    • Coming Soon
      • Komodo Script Palette.png Beautifier
      • Komodo Bug.png Integrated Debugging

Below are specific installation instructions for the Komodo webOS Add-on.

Add-On Prerequisites

  • Virtual Box
  • The SDK (Palm Software Development Kit. - including the emulator.)
  • You need Komodo Edit v.5.2.x - Click the "Download Now" button to download it and install. (not covered here.)

Komodo WebOS Add-on Download

Download the Komodo webOS Add-on from Templarian HERE

  • This is the Add-on you'll need for Palm Pre development. Go to this page and view the link to the file.
  • You'll need the .xpi file itself, save into any folder.

Komodo WebOS Add-on Install

  • Run Komodo first.
  • Then open the folder where you've saved the Add-On .xpi file
  • Arrange windows so that you can view them With both Komodo and the Folder open at the same time.
  • Drag-and-drop the .xpi into Komodo, to the blank space right of Help on the menu bar, below the blue title bar as shown here (the white icon in this image is the dragged-over .xpi file)
Dropping the XPI file into Komodo
  • When you release the dragged-over icon, it will install itself into Komodo.
  • Komodo detects the install attempt and shows the Authors Whom You Trust warning.
  • You must choose INSTALL NOW button - this is the execution of the install.
Install Screen
  • You only need to do this once - future upgrades happen automatically from within Komodo Edit, itself.
  • Next Komodo should show the completed Add-ons completion screen shown below.
  • Choose RESTART KOMODO EDIT button to restart Komodo, for the Add-On to begin running.
Restart Screen

Enable the WebOS Add-On

  • The Komodo WebOS Add-On is disabled by default after install.
  • In order to enable it, go into menu item View - and choose WebOS near the bottom.
Enable webOS Tab

Verify the Install

  • Your finished Komodo should look like the below.
  • If you can see the new tab for the Add-On near the bottom section "WebOS", the install worked.
  • Some options are disabled (greyed-out) at first if there isn't yet a project open. This is expected.
  • Future updates are automatic on startup of Komodo!
webOS Tab

Code Intelligence

  • Next we'll install the "Code Intelligence" add-on, which splashes code suggestions as-you-type.

Download Code Intelligence

Install Code Intelligence

From within Komodo, do menu items:

  • Edit
  • Preferences
  • Code Intelligence
    • Add an API CATALOG BUTTON near the bottom-right, and
    • Browse to your download folder and Select the .cix file for Code Intelligence.

Verify Code Intelligence

  • Open any .js file,
  • type the word them
  • A pop-up should suggest theme
  • If you don't see a pop-up, then you may be out of scope try Mojo..
  • If you see the pop-up, then Code Intelligence is successfully enabled.
Code Completion Test


  • Updates to Komodo WebOS Add-on are detected automatically, but not installed.
  • You can also check for them manually

Install the Update

Manual Update

  • To see available updates and install, do Tools - Add-Ons...
    • At the bottom use the FIND UPDATES button
    • If an update is found for the webOS Add-on, use the INSTALL UPDATES button.
    • At completion of the upgrade, choose RESTART KOMODO EDIT button.
Install Update


  • In Komodo, do Tools - Add-Ons...
  • At the bottom use the FIND UPDATES button again.
  • Now, the result should be "no updates were found" - if so, you've successfully updated!