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This wiki page is designed to help you get the MAP Bluetooth® profile onto your webOS 2.1 devices. Bluetooth MAP is used by HP to send and receive text (SMS) messages from Palm/HP smartphone to HP TouchPad tablet. For Veer owners who wish to stay on webOS 2.1.x use this process to produce a btveer224.tar file. For Pre/PrePlus/Pre2 owners, all instructions on this page are taken from this webOS|Nation thread. Support can be found here.
We (Patrick Campanale, John Steffes, or WebOS Internals) are not responsible for any damage this may cause to your device. This has been tested and should not cause any damage to your device, but it is possible. Use at your own risk.
This only works on webOS 2.1 Veer, Pre, PrePlus, and Pre2 devices right now. We are working to make this work on webOS 1.4.5 devices, but it is not 100% confirmed working yet. This wiki page will be updated if/when we find out if it is possible.

Step 1

WebOS Internals Meta-Doctor

First, you must download the WebOS Internals Meta-Doctor found Application:MetaDoctor

Step 2

Download the getbt script

Next, you need to download the script that will run and get you the needed files for the MAP Bluetooth® profile. For Veer owners use the this process to produce a btveer224.tar file. For Pre/PrePlus/Pre2 owners, use this process to produce a bt.tar file. The script file is also posted here however it might not be the most current version.

Moving the getbt file

Next, you need to move the getbt/getbtveer file that you just download to the scripts/ directory of the meta-doctor.

Step 3

Running the script

This part is easy, once the getbt/getbtveer file is in the scripts/ directory, you need to run the script. We do this from the main directory of the meta-doctor, and run this command For Pre/PrePlus/Pre2:


For Veer:

./scripts/getbtveer carrier ("att" or "wr") 

Step 4

Extracting the bt.tar/btveer224

What we just did in Step 3 was build a file called bt.tar/btveer224.tar (which is now in the main directory of the meta-doctor.) Now, we need to extract those files. Open the bt.tar/btveer224 file in your favorite archive manager (7zip or the stock one on Linux will do just fine.) Navigate into the section of the .tar file until you see 2 folders named usr/ and etc/. Once you find those files, extract them into a new folder named bt.

Moving the folder to the device

The new bt folder we just created and extracted the usr/ and etc/ folders to now needs to be put on the device. We need to place this folder in the /media/internal directory (or the main directory of the USB drive).

Step 5

Renaming the current files in use and copying the new webOS 2.2.4 files

Now that you have all the files you need for the MAP Bluetooth® profile from the webOS Doctor on the device, it's time to rename the existing files on the device so we can put the new files onto the device. There may be other files on your system that might need to be renamed.


From novaterm we run the following commands from root (/)

mount -o remount,rw /
mv /usr/bin/BluetoothMonitor /usr/bin/BluetoothMonitor.old
mv /usr/bin/PmBtStack /usr/bin/PmBtStack.old
mv /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/ /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/
rm -rf /usr/palm/applications/
cp -r /media/internal/bt/* ./

Then, once we have our files renamed, we run the following command to remove them as they are not needed

mount -o remount,rw /
rm -rf /usr/bin/BluetoothMonitor.old /usr/bin/PmBtStack.old /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/
mount -o remount,ro /

Next, reboot, wait for the device to come back online, then turn Bluetooth® back on. It might take a while for it to come on the first time.


Now that Bluetooth® is turned on, pair your phone with your HP TouchPad® and enjoy text forwarding!


If you see the unable to connect messaging (MAP) profile then there might be a profile issue on both devices, deleting both preference files (on touchpad and phone) and re-setting up both BlueTooth profiles might fix this, use novaterm on both devices and type:

mount -o remount,rw /
mv /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/ /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/

Once both devices are re-setup, go to the BlueTooth preferences for the Touchpad device on the Phone, select off (turn off) for Mirror SMS, exit preferences, then go back into preferences for the Touchpad device on the Phone, select on (turn on) Mirror SMS.

If this fixes your issue you can then use novaterm on both devices and remove the .old files:

mount -o remount,rw /
rm -rf  /var/preferences/com.palm.bluetooth/
mount -o remount,ro /

Now it should be working?