Pictures from Self-Test

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There is some interesting stuff leftover from the testing process:

root@castle:/var/log/hwtest/ted# ls -F
log/  pics/

The pics/ directory has what appears to be a shot taken inside the factory during the device's self-test:

root@castle:/var/log/hwtest/ted# ls pics/

after copying the file to another machine with a copy of ImageMagick:

$ identify mftcamera_20090519_065049.jpg 
mftcamera_20090519_065049.jpg JPEG 2046x1535 2046x1535+0+0 DirectClass 8-bit 814.635kb 0.258u 0:02

I'm guessing that means my phone was made/tested on May 15th. And as an added bonus, the picture seems to be the factory floor where they're being assembled or at least tested. Nice anti-static protection, people working. They've even got a giant box full of sed(1).