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PreDevCamp Links

Official Live Feeds

Pre Dev Camp San Diego page

Chuq, Palm's person in charge of relations with the programming community was at PDC San Diego. In the first video below his talk picks up at 5 minutes. Then, the laptop battery died. The camera comes back quickly in the second video, but the mic was dead until 12 minutes in. Never-the-less, they're very worth your attention:

KC Recordings

PreDevCamp NewYork recordings:


  • #predevcamp

Komodo Add-on

A pre-release link to the Komodo Add-on was given to those that attended a venue. If you didn't receive a link and were at a PreDevCamp join #predevcamp on

For those that did not attend a PreDevCamp you can still download the Toolbox.

Kansas City

Links from the morning session:

Note: Rick Boatright gave an incorrect link during his speech, the correct link is below.

Link the PowerPoints here