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What Happened

I recently had a situation where several missing pictures were turning up in my "Photos" app. They were images I had previously deleted, but somehow turned up again days after an update after a reboot. I may never know why and I doubt it'll happen again.

Deleting them in the usual way failed because they weren't actually there, and showing the image would show a silver box in place of the image.


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HOWTO: Reset the File Indexer

It's really trivially easy to fix this. However, if this breaks your phone, do not blame me, I don't have any idea what I'm doing.

  1. cd /var/luna/data
  2. stop fileindexer
  3. rsync -vaP mediadb.db3 mediadb.oops.db3
  4. sqlite3 mediadb.db3 "delete from com_palm_media_image"
  5. start fileindexer

That's it. Fixed.