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What is a resident/permanent application?

A resident/permanent application install is an application that will remain on your device across reboots, shutdowns, and other events short of the app being removed manually or the device being docotored. This type of application should be very familiar, as most every webOS application can be said to be resident.

What is a transient/temporary application?

There are some notable exceptions to this rule however. The most prominent example is installing an ipk of the webOS 2.x application catalog (App Catalog). This process results in the user having a transient/temporary install of the new "HP App Catalog" application. It is almost entirely functional (account management being the one exception), but it will disappear if the user performs a Luna restart or otherwise powers down their device. The reason for this is apparently that webOS will re-image the stock files over the new 2.x version files as they are not matching the checksum that is expected.

See this article for the transient install process: Install the webOS 2.1 App Catalog onto older devices, promo codes for everyone!

Why it matters to you

If you have a Pre+/Pre- you technically have a legal and functional method of breaking the chains of webOS 1.x (WebOS_2_Upgrade) and heading straight to webOS 2.x

Pixi/Pixi+ users lack any such direct upgrade path. The only path Pixi devices have has legal concerns, real performance issues, and will leave you with a Palm Profile version that will prevent you from purchasing any apps (unless you fix it using Application:Impostah), and at the end of the day will still only let you have a 1.4.5 Profile Version. For these reasons, this path is not recommended and remains only of purely academic value.

If you would like some of the functionality enhancements that webOS 2.x and its apps bring but do not want to go through the trouble of doctoring to an unsupported version, you need to somehow install those apps on your backlevel operating system. If you want a working webOS 2.x app catalog with promo codes, read on! If you want a (possibly) working VPN app on your 1.x Pre, read on!


Basic knowledge of web browsing, file management, archive extraction, and following instructions is assumed. That being said, this guide is intended to be as informative as possible, so please don't hesitate to contact me to ask for help. Contact author (Saijin_Naib)


Novacom Drivers (Available from Palm SDK or WebOS Quick Install)

Archive Software (7zip highly recommended)

IPK Creation Software (IPK Packager)

Files (Source Files)

webOS 2.x Doctor Files (webOS 2.2.4 [ATT Pre3 Doctor] recommended)


This section will be broken down into stages. Each stage will need to be completed in sequence in order to complete the final process. Please do NOT skip sections in this guide as it will likely result in the files not remaining resident at the end of the process.

Working With The Doctor Image

Download the webOS 2.x doctor image of your choice, or the webOS 2.2.4 ATT Pre3 image linked just above. Typically, I recommend downloading to whatever your Browser defaults to (so long as it is an easily accessible location) such as your Desktop or Documents or Downloads folder. For the purpose of this guide, the file will be saved to my Downloads directory. Here is an example of what to expect to see in your Download Manager

If you have the Downloads Context Menu extension in Firefox & 7-Zip , you can simply Extract to as shown to get the first level of the archive extracted.

You will have to navigate to the \webosdoctorp224mantawr\resources\ directory to find the next archive to extract, named webOS.tar

As before, extract to to get a new folder called webOS under resources. Navigate into this folder and find nova-cust-image-mantaray.rootfs.tar.gz.

Extract to this file to get a new directory of the same name. Navigate into this directory to find the newly extracted nova-cust-image-mantaray.rootfs.tar file.

Extract to, and navigate in once more. 7zip may ask about an overwrite, yes to all and continue. You should now be in \webosdoctorp224mantawr\resources\webOS\nova-cust-image-mantaray.rootfs.tar\nova-cust-image-mantaray.rootfs\ and you should see the folders and files as shown here .