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Can't install App Store apps

From: kdaqkdaq Subject: ajaxphpterm Date sent: 17 Jul 2009, 17:50 EST

Hello Danny,

Thanks for the great tutorial on ajaxphpterm!

I just wanted to give you a heads-up. I have reason to believe that this tutorial may play a part in a problem some of us have experienced. Namely, after installing it, we lost the ability to update stock Pre applications.

This was my own experience - I lost the ability to update, then reversed the steps of the ajaxphpterm tutorial to remove everything, and then rebooted. Updates were fixed.

It's not definitive. At least one other user has not shared my success. Thought I would run this by you and see your thoughts. Might want to post a warning on this page to users (which I'm happy to do, but wanted to consult you first).

See my post in the Precentral forums - - for more details.



From: kdaqkdaq Subject: Re: ajaxphpterm Date sent: 18 Jul 2009, 23:41 EST

OK, cool.

I did trace the code in the app store, and it seems to be accessing a space check function that is part of Luna (closed Java code). I had given up tracing at that point.

Good luck if you delve into it.