System Sounds

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Playing a sound

From the command-line

luna-send -n 1 palm:// '{"name":"shutter"}'

Inside a mojo app

this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://', {
    method:"playFeedback",   parameters:{ name: 'shutter' }

Where shutter equals the file name, minus the extension, of a file found below.

List of default sounds

root@castle:/# ls /usr/share/systemsounds/

alert_buzz.pcm               dtmf_0.pcm                   error_02.pcm                 shuffle_05.pcm
appclose.pcm                 dtmf_1.pcm                   error_03.pcm                 shuffle_06.pcm
back_01.pcm                  dtmf_2.pcm                   focusing.pcm                 shuffle_07.pcm
browser_01.pcm               dtmf_3.pcm                   launch_01.pcm                shuffle_08.pcm
card_01.pcm                  dtmf_4.pcm                   launch_02.pcm                shuffling_01.pcm
card_02.pcm                  dtmf_5.pcm                   launch_03.pcm                shutter.pcm
card_03.pcm                  dtmf_6.pcm                   notification_buzz.pcm        switchingapps_01.pcm
card_04.pcm                  dtmf_7.pcm                   pagebacwards.pcm             switchingapps_02.pcm
card_05.pcm                  dtmf_8.pcm                   pageforward_01.pcm           switchingapps_03.pcm
default_425hz.pcm            dtmf_9.pcm                   ringtone_buzz.pcm            tones_3beeps_otasp_done.pcm
delete_01.pcm                dtmf_asterisk.pcm            shuffle_02.pcm               unassigned.pcm
discardingapp_01.pcm         dtmf_pound.pcm               shuffle_03.pcm               up2.pcm
down2.pcm                    error_01.pcm                 shuffle_04.pcm


  • Replacing or placing new file in this directory requires a restart of pulseaudio:
root@castle:/# initctl stop pulseaudio; initctl start pulseaudio
  • Pulseaudio seems to favor the .pcm extention if there are similarly named files. For example, shutter.pcm vs shutter.wav.
  • Compatible file types: .pcm, .wav
  • Incompatible file types: .mp3