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Possible warnings

I did this procedure on my pre2, and I have corrupted my /media/internal.

After the resize, and lvreduce, and mount, it still said 13.8GB. I didn't do an ls in there, but after repeating the resize (identical argument) and looking that time, it was definitely broken. Still 13.8G in df -h, and now with lots of ?? and garbage looking files in /media/internal

Possible causes:

  • I had an app with a jail mount open (wirc, trying to keep the screen on)
  • This mount didn't get un-done by the umount /media/internal
    • possibly use umount /dev/mapper/store-media repeatedly?
  • When I did the initial resize, there was a warning about the boot sector not matching its backup, but the resize and dosfsck seemed to complete normally.
  • I have a loopmount for my /opt on the cryptofs that I'd forgotten about. Not sure how the kernel deals with that.


  • just backup the whole damned thing first next time. It's only 13gb
  • don't be lazy. see above.
  • stop and investigate further when something looks off.
  • record exact fs sizes as trying to recover by re-extending and re-resizing involved some guesswork.

Dwc 00:33, 7 October 2012 (UTC)