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Accuracy in Terminology

If we really are caring about accuracy in terms now, we should be calling this page "Accessing GNU/Linux" [1], since it's about getting to the mostly GNU userland. I'm not sure what "accessing (the kernel called) linux" would mean, but I assume it would involve a debugger. This is actually also an important distinction between the Palm Pre and Android/Linux based phones, since the Pre seems pretty "normal" to anyone who has used other GNU/Linux distributions from the command line, whereas the Android userland is pretty completely different, both in license (Apache) and use. If there aren't any objections here by the weekend, I'll take a stab at fixing terminology on this page and other pages that refer to it. -- djbclark 23:39, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Installing via Preware

Downloading the script (as instructed) no longer works, and references using an automated method from Preware. Can we get some information on how it's installed from Preware? --Herb 14:40, 30 December 2009 (UTC)

Structure and consistency

Some of the phrasing is giving me a hard time grasping the page's (or author's) intentions quickly. "Palm provides a simple method to access Linux running on a Pre .." The simple method is? Are you refering to novaterm, SDK? ".. and installing the community standard software packages." The community standard software packages are what? Do you mean optware? Preware?

Rooting palm pre2

Palm Pre2 requires (according to: ) a yet-unreleased version of novacom. From ( ) and ( ) I created a replacement for "novacomd", which you can get here: if you trust random strangers from the Internet. place it in /opt/Palm/novacom/ and you'll be able to access your Pre2. if your novacomd service is running, you'll need to stop it with "sudo stop palm-novacomd" before dropping the file and restarting it with "sudo start palm-novacomd" afterwards.


Old links!

the links to the current SDK instruct to download old versions... shouldn't they be replaced by

i don't want to touch the twiki since i've only been reading it for a day...


missing info

step 5 is "type novacom"... but that only lists novacom options! i don't login by default.

i tried -t (go into terminal mode) and "-c login" but neither does what i tought it would do...

novacom -l shows me the device "i<5> md5<md5> usb topaz-linux"

disregard that. i can't read. i was using novacom instead of novaterm...