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Wondering if anyone can figure out an answer to this problem... if you transfer a jpg that is larger than 100k wirelessly via sftp with winSCP, the picture viewer will not recognize the file. I can use winSCP to duplicate the file aon the PRE, rename it, and copy it back to the desktop with winSCP, and the duplicate picture and the original will show up fine on the desktop, and can be opened by any jpg viewer...

If you take same picture and compress the file so that it is smaller then 100k, it opens fine and can be viewed on the pre...


  • A more likely culprit is corrupt metadata that the computer ignores but the Pre chokes on. Try running 'jhead -purejpg file.jpg' on it to see if that is indeed the problem. jhead is available via repository on most Linux systems and there are also Windows and OS X ports. Dallashigh 20:19, 1 November 2009 (UTC)