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With the webOS 2.0 SDK available to all developers who ask to be in the preview program, it's time for the community to begin the process of porting the patches from webOS 1.x to 2.0.

This project will provide oversight and monitoring of that process.

Patches should fall into four primary groups:

  • Patches which are deprecated under 2.0, and have been subsumed by native code.
  • Patches which simply work in 2.0
  • Patches which should be combined into single "choose some options" patches. (for example, battery status indicator patches which have options about how the status display should look instead of ten different patches each for a single option about appearance.
  • Entirely new patches to provide functionality which was not available in 1.0.

To participate in this, see the "webOS 2.0 patch status" page.