Patch Clock Add space between Snooze and Dismiss buttons

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The following assumes that you have experience applying modifications.

This modification adds space between the Snooze and Dismiss buttons for Clock Alarms.

Editing Process



Find the function

AppAssistant.prototype.createRingStage = function createRingStage(params, callsResponse)

Within this function find

"height": 200,

And replace it with

"height": 275,



In the first line replace

height: 200px;


height: 275px;

Find the following line

<div id="close_button" x-mojo-tap-highlight="immediate" class="palm-notification-button affirmative"><span x-mojo-loc="">Dismiss</span></div>

and add the following line below it

<div style="height: 75px;"></div>
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