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Crystal Tux Icons (Wx48)

Tux.png Tux with Pre.png Tux with Broken Pre.png Tux with Pre and Screwdriver.png Tux Thinking.png Tux Mad.png Tux Chat.png Tux with Docs.png Scientux.png Tux with Love.png Tux as Zombie.png Tux with Warning.png Tux Depressing.png Tux in Jungle.png Tux Peter.png Tux Holiday.png Tux SnowGlobe.png

How to Use


Note: Exclude '|float:right;' if you don't want the icon to float on the right side of the page

Want To Add Your Own?

Just upload an image with the following naming scheme.

Tux_ + Action or Description + .png

Warning: .png format only please. And make it look good. =)


- ultraBlack created the base Tux.png from scratch with aid of a tutorial on CrystalXP.net
- Templarian went crazy with little iconic overlays and edited all kinds of %!@ onto him. He's pretty good. Pretty neat.