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This page lists all the WebOS Internals developers, and the projects and activities for which each is responsible. Names are listed in chronological order of officially joining the WebOS Internals team.


Name: Rod Whitby
Twitter: @webosinternals
Responsibility: Founder and Project Lead for WebOS Internals and Preware
About Me: Homebrew Ecosystem Architect. Lead developer for Save/Restore. Co-Lead developer for Preware, Govnah and UberKernel. Co-developer for a number of other packages. Oh, and a family and full-time day job too.


Name: Tom King
Responsibility: Chief Server Infrastructure Architect and Sys-Admin Team Lead(aka BSAFH), Facilitator
About Me: FT:High Power RF, VHDL/Verilog Design, Play Time: Dabble with Kernel development.


Name: Eric Duprey
Responsibility: That would be telling
About Me: Hacker, security geek, one of the original devs behind the WebOS Internals "Terminal" application


Name: Eric Gaudet
Responsibility: AUPT architect and randomness
About Me: Busy debugging


Name: Brandon VanBelle
Twitter: @DontBlameOil
Responsibility: Minister of Awesomeness
About Me: It's not my fault!


Name: Will Dietz
Responsibility: Various WebOS Internals games, X11, WIDK management
About Me: CS grad student who spends entirely too much time on WebOS


Name: Marco Benton
Responsibility: BOFH and Kernel hacker
About Me: Full-time; SysAdmin, SAN Admin, Network Admin. Part-time; System integration and network design consulting. Free-time; programming - since that's what i used to do full-time 20 years ago.


Responsibility: The Warthog (kernel & patches)
About Me:


Name: Chris Jowett
Twitter: @cryptkcoding
Responsibility: Server administration and management
About Me: I work as a full time linux systems administratior as my day job and lend that knowledge to keep the WebOS Internals servers running as well as they possibly can.


Name: Janne Julkunen
Responsibility: Creating advanced patches and developing Mode Switcher
About Me: Involved with Linux way too much :)

oakridge outdoors

Name: Dustin
Twitter: @oakridgoutdoors
Responsibility: Wiki Editor
About Me: Father, Husband, Sys Admin and Avid Hunting/Outdoors/webOS Enthusiast


Name: Brian Padalino
Responsibility: The other set of eyes.
About Me: First one to get a root shell on the Pre in the IRC channel.


Name: John Tomawski
Responsibility: Moral support and general hacking.
About Me: Network Engineer by day, drummer by night. I put a Nintendo emulator and VNC on the Pre when it came out. Basic coding, nothing crazy.


Name: Donald Kirker
Twitter: @dkirker
Responsibility: Strategist and Software Development
About Me: Long time Palm fan. Recent Palm/HP intern and contractor. I developed Universe, the open source web browser, and a few other projects to come.

Emeritus Members:


Name: Ryan Hope
Responsibility: Play devil's advocate
About Me:


Name: Rick Boatright
Responsibility: Chief Evangelist
About Me:


Responsibility: Multimedia subsystem architect
About Me:


Name: Steve Bromwich
Responsibility: Kernel developer
About Me: Dilettante kernel programmer concentrating mostly on extending battery life.