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Here is where we will place bugs found on the Pre so that maybe Palm (or us) can fix them. Please bullet below if you know a fix for the bug listed.

wikidot codebox issue in browser -- panning screen

  • Can not scroll horizontally on the browser. This occurs both in portrait and landscape mode.
* I noticed this because i could not view the entire width of the [code] boxes on the wiki.  - tictac
* unconfirmed or not clearly defined. I am posting from my @pre while scrolling horizontally. 
  -When at max zoom you are unable to scroll. Issue may be a wikidot codebox issue and not with the pre.

Browser Application issues

  • Infinite Loop on unknown filetypes
*   found and fixed by user mdklein

opening unknown filetype in browser creates infinite cascade of windows. change in page-assistant.js function PageAssistant.prototype._onWebViewResourceHandoff = function(event) {

function(response) { // onSuccess
  if (response.returnValue && response.canStream) {
    this._streamResource(event.url, response.appIdByExtension, response.mimeByExtension);


function(response) { // onSuccess
  if (response.returnValue && response.canStream && (response.mimeByExtenstion||response.mimeByExtension)) {
    this._streamResource(event.url, response.appIdByExtension, (response.mimeByExtenstion||response.mimeByExtenstion));

Basically adds a check to make sure mimeByExtenstion (yes, palm, getResourceInfo returns a typo) is known.

google calendar & palm calendar (synchronization)

  • possible bug: 'all day events' created in google calendar will not synchronize on palm pre 1.03 (webos doctored) -- eg, all day birthday events

Battery --not-- charging to 100%

Clock issues

  • possible bug: After toying around with my new stereo bluetooth headset I could not get Alarms to play through the speaker, fixed by rebooting. Am currently trying to reproduce. Other sounds such as music played fine, confirmed volume was up, tried playing the sample sounds in Clock with no luck too.
  • If an alarm goes off while the phone is booting up, it will play for a while with no way to silence, dismiss, or snooze.

Text Messaging

  • If the cursor is in an empty text field and the phone is closed, once you slide the phone open the first character is no longer automatically capitalized. I have only tried this in the text messaging fields, but I'm sure it applies to other text fields.

(This happens in PalmOS Classic too)

  • in highlight/caret mode (hold shift or opt), the up and down swipes do not work in the messaging input field, only left and right. (fixed in 1.1)


  • Upon ending a call and not throwing away the card, after some sleep cycles, the card becomes blank. Just the background. Odd.

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