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This page is out of date.

The community of people who create and edit patches have been forum based for a long time instead of being wiki-based and the maintenance of this page has fell behind at about webOS version 1.3. Since the Pre- is running 1.4.5 and later devices are running webOS 2.x and 3.x, the patches, and their operation and installation described on these pages are no longer accurate.

Additionally, with the introduction of webOS 2 and 3, many of the things which were patchable in 1.x became hard coded in binary files, and those patches became impossible to produce. Other patches became moot as their functionality was subsumed into the operating system.

Discussions on patches and patch development

To obtain information on the current state of the world of patches for webOS, please visit the official patch forums at http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/.

Listings of Patches which are available by OS version and subject

To browse available patches, sorted by OS Version and their application and suitability, visit the Official Patch Portal at http://patches.webos-internals.org/.

It is as yet undetermined if this page will be held as a historical document of the condition of the system in 2010, or updated. Until then, regard all this information as unreliable.

If you need info on how to properly update webOS, see Updating webOS Versions.


A more updated list of patches, descriptions, and discussion links is here: Official Patch Discussion

This page lists patches to webOS existing apps which modify the behavior as shipped. Note that these patches may be version specific and may be broken by future webOS updates. Proceed with caution. If you get one that works please move it under the correct column, alphabetically, and title the page: "Patch [application] [description]" (for application specific patches)
"Patch webOS [description]" (for patches not part of a specific application)

Each page should contain at least the basic headings

  • 1. Introduction: A brief description to introduce people to the patch.
    • 1.1 Usage:An explanation if it is needed on how to use the modification see Add/Delete Pages in the Launcher as an example.
  • 2. Editing Process: Step by step instructions to manually edit.
  • 3. Patching Process: Details for making the edits with a patch file and pointing people to the Applying Patches page if the patch is also provided in the webos-internals gitorious repository.

For patches that aren't listed here you'll also want to check out the gitorious repository at http://gitorious.org/webos-internals/modifications/trees/master

Please refer to MIT Open Source License - webOS-Patches for important information regarding patches and licensing.

webOS Update Information

Patches that Need Work

Patch Ideas to be Created or in Progress


These modifications lack a patch process, please add one to the details to the page and have it added to the webOS-internals gitorious repository. Info for the repository is on Applying Patches.

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Current Patches

webOS 1.3.1 OK

webOS 1.2.1 OK

webOS Patches

Previous Patches

webOS 1.2 OK

++ Indicates needs to be added to the git repository. Please help add them and remove the notation when added.

Fixed in 1.2 - No longer needed

webOS 1.1 OK

Fixed in 1.1 - No longer needed

Not 1.1 compatible

webOS 1.1 OK

++ Indicates needs to be added to the git repository. Please help add them and remove the notation when added.

Fixed in 1.1 - No longer needed

  • Empty

Not 1.1 compatible

The following have not been checked for compatibility with webOS 1.1.

The following are deprecated. They have been replaced with methods which are easier or are moot in 1.1