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When dialing on the phone with sound enabled, the phone makes really really loud noises. There are a number of ways to address this. One's first attempt might be to lower the volume on the DTMF mp3s. However, a quick examination of the phone app indicates that these same sounds are played over the phone for touch-tone responsive systems, so mucking with them is not a good idea.

The Change

The key is the TelephoneyCommands.sendDTMF function. It sends a tone over the network, or optionally, just a noise on the speaker (if the second argument is true: it's mapped to a service parameter called "feedBackOnly". In dialpad assistant, simply commenting out these lines stops the noise. This dialpad assistant is by default located in

First, make a backup of /usr/palm/applications/

cd /usr/palm/applications/
cp dialpad-assistant.js.orig

Second, open the dialpad-assistant.js file in your editor (e.g. vi dialpad-assistant.js). I actually find copying the file to /media/internal then opening it on my pc. Once the edits are done, I copy it back to the location on the pre.

Once you have the file open, search (or scan) for "TelephonyCommands.sendDTMF". There are two instances. At the end of this page are approximate line numbers, but these can change from version to version.

As is indicated above, you need to comment out the tones. At the beginning of those two lines, add "//" to comment them out.

That's IT!

Vibrating Feedback

My girlfriend and I have debates about who's phone is cooler. The only thing she would have on the plus side was that she had vibrating touch response when dialing. I love that. SO...

Once you have commented out the SendDTMF lines, add a new line below each and put in:

    this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.vibrate", {
    method: 'vibrate', parameters: { 'period': 0,'duration': 250 }

(Note: when I make changes to the OS, to make it easier to find them the next time I add comments around them with my initials and the word change. i.e. SCOCHANGE)

Save your changes (and if you are editing on your pc, copy back to the pre location) and reboot the phone.

Tada! No tones and touch feedback when you dial!

Line Numbers

As stated above, your best bet is to search, line numbers are always changing. With that said:

The approximate lines of interest in dialpad-assistant.js in older versions are:

Line 509 for the touch screen.

Line 791 for the keyboard keys.

(The lines are 634 and 929 with 1.1)

1.2 - Lines 637, 932


Thanks to icederror for the mod, writeup by jblebrun