Patch Messaging Change "Enter Key" To Create Newline

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I know a lot of people really like sending messages that are coherent, and a great way to do that is with the newline character. However, pressing the ENTER key in the messaging app sends a message, rather than typing a newline character. This page will show you how to (easily) change that action.


  • Rooted phone.


  1. Log in as root.
  2. Mount the file system as RW.
  3. Enter the /usr/palm/applications/ directory.
  4. Change compose-assistant.js (line 109) and chatview-assistant.js (line 133) and set enterSubmits to be false.
  5. In the handleTextAreaKeyUp function in compose-assistant.js (lines 313 and 314) and chatview-assistant.js (lines 2225 to 2226), comment out the following lines:
    <source lang="text">this.considerForSend();
    Event.stop(event); </source>
  6. To actually display newlines in the chatview: In chatview-assistant.js, in the ChatviewAssisant::preFormatChatList method (around line 1313), locate the lines:
    <source lang="text">if(msg.messageText && !ChatFlags.isTransient(msg.flags)) {
    msg.messageText = msg.messageText.escapeHTML();
    and add the following just after:
    <source lang="text">msg.messageText = msg.messageText.replace(/\n/g,"
    "); </source>
  7. Mount the file system as RO.
  8. Reboot.

Post-Mod Screenshots

Messaging-newline1.jpg Messaging-newline2.jpg


  • When moving down a line, you can't get the first character to be lower-case.

Further Development

  • I'm sure this is quite simple, but as I said before, I haven't put too much time into this yet... It would be really nice if we could use a SHIFT+ENTER to type a newline, and only pressing ENTER would send the message as it does now. That way, everybody wins.


  • xluryan