Patch Email Fix Broken Formatting

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After webOS 1.1, this fix is no longer necessary. Here it is anyway though:


There is a well known problem with the Pre's e-mail handling of forward and reply messages. (see

For example:

with the pre - if I reply to an email all the formatting is lost. eg -get an email, I reply to that email, all the people that I reply to lose all formatting when they view the message that I sent in reply - it is like all the hard returns are lost and they see just one string of content.. Do others experience this issue?


Here is a simple two-line fix for this annoying problem:

--- /usr/palm/applications/  Thu Jul  9 22:40:20 2009
+++ /usr/palm/applications/      Sat Jul 11 23:54:43 2009
@@ -602,6 +602,8 @@
                        originalText = originalText.slice(splitIndex);
+       else
+          originalText = originalText.gsub("\n","<br/>");

        // Truncate to 100K if the message is too long.
        // cutting it off conservatively).

Thanks halula from the Palm forums for the solution. The full answer post is available at