Patch Clock Enabling the Hidden Theme

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This is a theme that Palm doesn't have activate as of webOS1.2.0

In: /usr/palm/applications/ File: themes.json @ Line 13 replace



		"nicename":"Analog Black",
		"source": "themes/manualanalog/"

Restart LunaSysMgr

sudo ./sbin/initctl stop LunaSysMgr
sudo ./sbin/initctl start LunaSysMgr

Thanks goes out to frankos72 @ precentral for this orginal modification.

Enable Day & Date within the new clock

This mod will give you the Time & Date on the new theme Analog Black Clock mod1.jpg

In: /usr/palm/applications/

File: manualanalog-clock-functions.js

@ Line: 92&93 un-comment the lines so they look like this:

 this.controller.get('date').textContent = Mojo.Format.formatDate(now, {"date":"short"});
 this.controller.get('day').textContent = Mojo.Format.getDateTimeHash()[now.getDay()];

In: /usr/palm/applications/ File: manualanalog-clock.html

@ Line: 4&5 make it look like this:

     <div id="day" class="day"></div>
     <div id="date" class="date"></div>

Restart LunaSysMgr, enjoy.

sudo ./sbin/initctl stop LunaSysMgr
sudo ./sbin/initctl start LunaSysMgr