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Pages I contributed to the community are linked here. I'm not a developer I'm a systems engineer, so these won't be apps or patches, just things of interest regarding access to the underlying Linux operating system, install documents and other Systems things of interest.

Also having them linked here helps me to review/ maintain them

About Me

  • FreeTim - Well my name is Tim, I'm 45 years old, I'm a computer Systems Engineer for a large Content Delivery Network.
  • I'm a specialist in multiple disciplines such as SunOS, and MCSE+i, Linux, Apache, HPUX, cisco, etc.
  • I work near MIT, with a view of the banks of the Charles River in Boston.
  • I'm one of the founders of the WEBOSBOSTON community We have monthly meetings.
  • I ride MOTORCROSS on the weekends (one of the two days, during the season.) Play DRUMS, GUITAR off season.

You'll find me in the IRC chat rooms all day, every day.

Things I think are Useful for me to have here


This is my sandbox that I use when initially preparing new wiki pages, before release.

Blocking WebOS updates

I don't want the updates to happen at some unplanned (for me) time, so here is the way to block webOS updates:

cd /usr/bin
mount -o remount,rw /
chmod 664 UpdateDaemon
mount -o remount,ro /

Then, reboot (ORN+ shift +R)
To reverse the process use this;

chmod 775 UpdateDaemon

This makes it executable again as it was before, and then reboot (required.)